Born in 1988, Chr1s McKn1ght is an American singer-songwriter | poet | writer | published author | model. He began writing/performing at the tender age of 11, his biggest infliuences were Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Prince. He has stated "Music, writing, and inspiring the people and the children of the world is where my heart is. I want to create something that they've never heard before to bring joy to their hearts."

During his boyhood, he performed in a talent show, he sung Michael Jackson's song "You Are Not Alone", he captured the hearts of the judges, he won 1st place, the crowd was moved with tears. CM will never forget that moment.

Over the astonishing years, he was invited to record demo songs with a local music producer and two friends of his who were rappers/singers. They've recorded a few songs into demos, but due to the quality of the project the demo wasn't a success. In 2005, CM moved onto something better, he written lyrics and poetry projects. He written over 100 projects and submitted them to poetry contests/publishers. His work was featured online.

In 2014-2016, CM published books of poetry and song lyrics titled: "Another Side of Me" and "Another Side of Me: Part 2" both editions has been indeed the best work Chr1s McKn1ght has written due date. The poems and lyrics has genres that audiences of all ages can relate to. The books were published by a traditional publisher.

As of 2017, Chr1s McKn1ght's fan-base has grown well, he's currently working on new projects and one day will release music projects, he hopes to represented/signed by a label/agency. He still remains a published author through a traditional publisher. CM has recorded freestyle pop recordings/poetry, the recordings were released via video channel via and instagram. His freestyle songs has gotten major likes, reviews, etc. today he continues to write and record a little to inspire. Follow Chr1s today to learn more about him and join the CM movement....